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Genius Games and Books make an excellent gift idea for any time of year. Throw a science themed birthday party with our selection of tabletop board games. Gift a whole series of science books during the holiday season. Our selection of games and books could check every kid off your list, while knowing that you are helping them learn!

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When you give a science gift, kids unwrap much more than a book or a game—they are given the chance to learn and grow. Our board games and series of science books offer a wonderful way to have fun while learning. Building teamwork, deduction skills, memory and encouraging exploration… these are what our collection of science gifts can do!

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Looking for a great science teacher gift? Genius games has got you covered! Choose from our collection of beautifully illustrated science books for use at reading time. Check out our series of fun and engaging board games for game day in the classroom. They will love your show of appreciation and the class will love a new addition to learning!

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Genius Games and Books make great gifts for kids. Our tabletop games and wonderful science storybooks are a different and exciting surprise for any holiday or birthday. We offer a unique way to learn and grow through fun and discovery. Encourage inspiration and fun with our books and games. Build a whole collection with these science-related gifts for kids!

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Our collection of books and games make for great family gifts. Bring everyone together on game night with our fun and engaging board games. Read our science-themed books to the whole family on road trips or at bedtime. We offer a great way to learn and explore science, while bringing everyone together with our selection of great family gifts.

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