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Periodic: A Game of the Elements | A Science Accurate Strategy Board Game About Periodic Table, Atoms, Elements & Compounds

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Type of Game: Action Economy, Tactical Movement, Set Collection

What You'll Learn: charges of ions, atomic mass, atomic number, periodic table of elements with names, symbol of atoms, atomic groups, alkali metals, nonmetals, halogens, and much more!

Ages: 10+   Players: 2 - 5   Time: 40 - 60 mins


How to Play Periodic: A Game About the Periodic Table

Periodic: A Game of The Elements is a strategy board game designed around the periodic table of elements, as well as some of the most fundamental principles in chemistry that can be derived from the structure and function of the periodic table. 

Players maneuver across the board to collect elements to score Goal Cards, and land on element groups to score points. Players either pay energy to use multiple periodic trends to move across the table, or select just one trend and collect all the energy payed to that trend!

Along with explaining the periodic table, our educational periodic table game teaches chemistry concepts to kids, middle schoolers, teens, high schoolers, homeschool, AP Chemistry students, and college students alike! Learn the periodic table while having fun with this engaging, strategic science board game for classrooms.

A Periodic Board Game Overview from Origins Game Fair 2019

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