Genius Games is looking for Science Game Submissions!

We’re currently looking for innovative science-themed tabletop game designs that we hope to publish in the Summer, Fall and Winter of 2019.

Submission details below!


    Game Submission Process:


    Step 1: Email John at with:

    • A brief “game in a nutshell” explanation of gameplay.
    • A brief explanation of how the gameplay accurately plays through a science concept. The core specs of your game – player count, game length, and recommended minimum age.
    • A short rules video (this is the most important part of your pitch). In your video, please clearly explain the game components, the science and gameplay. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy - a couple minute video shot on your phone is great. It's hard to get a feel for a game from the rules, a video like this goes a long way.


    Step 2: The Genius Games Team will review your pitch and video.


    Step 3: If we think your design has potential for Genius Games, we’ll contact you requesting a physical prototype!


    • Prototypes must include all components. We do not playtest Print-n-Plays.
    • Prototypes must also include a rulebook with clear, concise and COMPLETE gameplay instructions.
    • Prototype art does not need to look amazing, however, all art and graphic design in the game and rulebook must be clear and help the player intuitively understand gameplay.  

    Please note: we do not ship prototypes back.

    Game Design Requirements and Guidelines


    Game Theme:

    • We are particularly interested in science themes that would naturally fall into the content introduced in a basic biology, chemistry or physics course, however other topics in the physical science, earth sciences, life sciences, etc. are of interest to us as well.
    • Must take a science concept and gamify it in a way that stays true to the science. (In other words, simply by playing the game, players will have an accurate idea of the scientific process or concept the game is themed around)
    • We are particularly interested in science themes that have broad appeal and not only specific to a discipline of science that the general public will not have any familiarity with.

    Science topics that come up often in the news are great themes to consider or a game design.


    Game Play:

    • Is fairly easy to learn, yet offers choices that provide depth to the game.  
    • Players should have multiple strategic paths and multiple paths to victory.
    • Choices in the game should have some kind of catch - that aspect of the game that makes decisions interesting or stops you from doing the same action repeatedly.
    • Don’t allow winning or losing to be heavily determined by randomness or chance.  


    Player Count / Weight / Length:

    Must accommodate 2 players minimum and go up to at least 4, although 5 or 6 is preferable.  

    • For a light weight game, play time should be 40 minutes or less (preferably falling between 15-30 minutes).
    • For a medium weight game, play time should fall between 45-60 minutes.
    • For a heavy weight game, play time should fall between 60-120 minutes.

    See the rule video - How to Play Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game - for an explanation of a game we feel fits all the major points above and would be something we would want to publish instantly.

    Don’t see the answer to your game submission question?

    Email John at with the subject line "Game Submission - [Game Name] by [Your Name]"