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Hello Science teachers, 




We’re well aware how tight teacher budgets can be - even for purchasing learning resources that are critical for your classroom. So, we were thrilled to hear about Donors Choose - an non-profit crowdfunding resource for teachers that can provide your students with science materials at no cost to you or your school.  

If you think Genius Games games could be valuable for your classroom, Donors Choose provides a way for you to acquire sets of games for free.

Public school teachers across America can post a simple Project Page on Donors Choose with the intent of acquiring learning resources for their students. The public can then donate any amount to help a teacher pay for the products for their classrooms!

Donors Choose has had over 3 million supporters, over 1 million projects funded, and over 28 million students reached!

We’ve compiled a step-by-step Guide to help you get your Project Page put together during your next lunch period.

Download Our Guide To Launching a Donors Choose Project

Donors Choose provides this estimated Project timeline:

  • (30 mins) - Entering content into Project Page template

  • (3 days) - Screening and posting of Project Page by Donors Choose team

  • Project duration - you can choose to keep your Project up for 4 months max

  • (3 weeks) - (If your Project is fully funded) Donors Choose purchases and ships your requested materials

More info from Donors Choose: Teacher’s Tutorial (1 min read) & Teacher FAQs (3 min read) Questions? Email shelley@geniusgames.org subject line Donors Choose - [your name]