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Bundle - Science Games for GameSchooling | Nerd Words: Science! + Ecosystem + Math Rush

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Gameschooling Bundle Includes the following Science Games: 

Nerd Words: Science! ($29.99)

Ecosystem ($16.99)

Math Rush ($11.99)

We're offering a bundle of all three of these easy to learn easy to play Science Games for 15% OFF.


Why Not Play Games in School?

With the Gameshoolong bundle of Science Games you can play your way through learning science!

Nerd Words: Science is a thinky Science Terms game that covers science vocabulary and science terminology from elementary level science all the way up to advanced science terms from college. Topics include everything from biology, chemistry, earth science, anatomy, physics, and many more! 

Ecosystem is a simple card game where players are building a small ecosystem of habitats and animal species, making biological connections between those habitats and species while trying to maintain a biologically diverse ecosystem. 

Math Rush is easy to play, but hard to master card games where players work together under time-pressure to align the solutions to a number of math problems from smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest. The math is simple and the speed and cooperative nature of the game will melt your brain!

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