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Nerd Words: Science

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Type of Game: word game, party game, social game, betting

Ages: 13+   Players: 2 - 12   Time: 20 - 40 min

Science Concepts: biology terms, chemistry terms, physics terms, earth science terms, space terms, geology terms, laboratory terms, medical terms, anatomy terms

Nerd Words Rulebook - Download


Peer-review your brainiac credentials with Nerd Words: Science, an uproarious word game. Divide a group of your friends, family, and rivals into two teams and decipher one-word clues to find the correct science term in a minute or less. Based on your confidence in the team's guess, you can bet points. The sooner your team guesses correctly and the more points you wager, the greater your team's haul. Incorrect answers cost your team what you staked. The highest scoring team proves their knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science is truly encyclopedic!

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