Nerd Words: Science!

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Type of Game: word game, party game, social game, betting

Ages: 13+   Players: 2 - 12   Time: 20 - 40 mins

Nerd Words: Science is a thinky word game based on science! Teams use deduction, wit and real science to identify Science Terms from Clues given by a Clue Giver.

But here's the twist: Clues must start with a letter from the Science Term (excluding the first letter). In this way, Clues both (1) slowly reveal letters within the Science Term and (2) hint at the Science Term through associated words. It makes you feel SUPER clever!

And just to spice things up, teams may bet additional points on their Guess based upon how confident they are! The more points you bet, the more you score if your Guess is correct - but if you're incorrect, you lose those points. It's fast-paced, deduction-fueled fun, no matter how nerdy (or not) you are!

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