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Ion: A Compound Building Game (2nd Edition) | A Science Accurate Chemistry Card Drafting Game About Cations, Anion, Noble Gases

Genius Games
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Type of Game: Card Drafting, Set Collection

Ages: 8+    Players: 2 - 7    Time:  20 - 30 mins

Science Concepts: ionic bonding, elements, atoms, charges, ions, anions, cations, noble gases, halogens, alkali metals, Alkaline earth metals, compound naming, creating neutrally charged compounds, transition metals, polyatomic ions, reactions, acids and bases

New to 2nd Edition: Entirely new artwork, new theme, and updated rulebook for a faster, more exciting experience with further accessibility to new and old gamers alike

Ion Rulebook - Download

NOTE: Currently available in US only. Canada is out of stock until further notice.


Ion: A Compound Building Game is a simple card drafting game where players select from a number of available ion cards and noble gas cards, with the objective of forming either neutrally charged compounds or sets of stable noble gases. 

Each player is initially dealt eight cards. They choose one card and pass the remaining to the player on their left, while they receive the same amount of cards from the player on their right (this is commonly referred to as “card drafting” or “pick and pass”).

Selected cards must be either (1) bonded to another ion or (2) set alone. Players only score points for neutrally balanced cards. So a positive charged Sodium (Na+) bonding with a negatively charge Chloride (Cl-), forming a neutral NaCl compound, would score points.

Points are scored at the end of each round and player may gain additional points for building specific compounds listed on the goal cards for that round. After three rounds the player with the most points wins!

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