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We believe that learning hard science doesn't have to be hard. Each of our science games takes a fundamental concept of chemistry or biology and boils it down to a game simple enough that kids can pick it up, yet engaging enough for adults to break out at game night to play with their geeky friends.

The science in our games is so real, the games have been endorsed by the International Journal of Cell Science and the National Science Teachers Association. But it's not just the content - each of our games creates meaningful choices and multiple strategic paths for players. Just ask The Dice Tower, the largest board game review channel on YouTube who ranked our games #1 and #5 on their Top 10 Games That Teach Science.

So, whether you're looking for interactive ways to teach science in the classroom or games unlike any other you can bring to your next hangout, Genius Games has you covered.

Credible Science. Incredible Games!


Cytosis is a biologically accurate board game taking place inside a human cell. Players use organelles to collect macromolecules (like mRNA, Carbs & Proteins) and to build enzymes, hormones, and receptors to score health points!

Peptide plays through how our bodies build chains of amino acids from mRNA using macromolecules and organelles with our cells.


Ion is accurately themed around the fundamentals of ionic bonding and how ions create neutral compounds.

Covalence is a cooperative puzzle‐style game where players deduce and build a number of molecules from the clues given!