Genotype Backers in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Beyond

For this campaign we are trying something a little different to help improve the process of ordering and getting games to you. This time we will be shipping all orders in Asia+ to local retailers, who will also take your pre-orders.

Gamers in Asia or Beyond: Please let your local game store know to place an order for you!

Asian Retailers: Please contact VFI Asia via email at Sales@VFI.Asia to Pre-Order units for your local clientele. The same pledges that are available on the KS are available to you through VFI. 

Asian Retailers who are taking Genotype KS Pledge Preorders:

Japan Saikorodo, Banesto
China  Games Warehouse
Brazil  Conclave Editora
Israel Liam Games
Indonesia Monopolis
S. Korea BoardM (
Malaysia Board Game Café, Kohii
Philippines Gaming Library
Saudi Arabia, UAE Back to Games
Singapore Team Board Game
South Africa Solar Pop
Thailand Battlefield Bangkok (, La La Lan, Dice Cup (

Mini Shoppa (

Vietnam Board Game VN

Check this update for retailers who are already collecting Pre-Orders (Coming Soon!)