Genius Games is Hiring - Marketing and Sales Manager

Marketing and Sales Manager

Genius Games is looking for a Marketing and Sales Manager. This role is critical to Genius Games, and the input, contributions and decisions made by this person will be extremely important to the success of our company.

We’re looking for someone who is highly analytic, highly self-directed, highly organized, who loves solving challenging puzzles, and is also not afraid to test things out and make progress by trial and error. Someone who thrives in an atmosphere where giving and receiving feedback is the norm.

Most importantly, this person finds meaning and fulfillment in using their skills to personally and directly help drive the growth of a small company.

If you’re just looking for another job, this position isn’t for you. If you don’t love working your rear off as a critical part of a team and a company, to grow something that really matters, then this isn’t the position for you.


  • You’re highly analytical and enjoying thinking through things in a quantitative way
  • You’re highly tech-savvy and can quickly troubleshoot technical issues
  • You love trial & error and finding ways to optimize your results as well as your processes 
  • You go out of your way to get feedback from others, because you love making and doing amazing things more than you want to protect your ego or pride
  • You’re self-directed and don’t need hand holding or reminders to get things done 
  • You’re high achieving and love delivering excellent work
  • You’re humble and listen to feedback about how you can improve
  • You don’t make excuses when you make mistakes
  • You pride yourself in always delivering high quality work
  • You’re highly organized, consistent and precise (for example in the way you name files even when no one else will see how you’ve named them)
  • You’re not afraid to admit what you don’t know something 
  • You habitually use Google or YouTube to teach yourself anything you want to know or learn
  • You enjoy the challenge of solving complicated but meaningful problems


  • Amazon’s Seller Central & Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Facebook's Ads Manager & Instagram Ads Platform
  • Google Analytics, Adwords and Keyword Planner
  • Shopify’s eCommerce Sales Platform
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • YouTube Analytics and Ads
  • Social Media Growth Strategies
  • Email, Content and Influencer Marketing
  • CRM’s for Automated Customer Outreach
  • B2B Email Pitches to Retailers and Distributors
  • Terms Like: ROI, ACOS, CTR, CPI, Bounce Rate, etc


  • Highly proficient in Spreadsheets (Excel and Google Sheets) - Mandatory
  • Highly proficient in math, logic and analytic problem solving - Mandatory
  • Highly proficient in online research, statistics and A/B Testing 
  • Proficient in Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Influencer Outreach
  • An eye for engaging visual design


  • Coordinating online paid advertising through Amazon, Google, and Facebook (~30%)
  • Fluctuating tasks like preparing for conventions, Kickstarters, newsletters, etc. (~20%)
  • Outreach and communication with influencers and product reviewers (~15%)
  • Social media management, contests, promotions and updates (~15%)
  • Finding and maintaining sales channel relationships (~10%)
  • Team-wide meetings and strategic growth (~10%)
* Note: Tasks above will be molded around candidates strengths.


    This is a full time salaried position located in St. Louis, Missouri. Compensation for this position ranges from $42,000 to $60,000 annually, commensurate with education, experience as well as training & certifications in things like Amazon Sponsored Ads, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebooks ads, etc. The hope is to hire an individual to initially take on day-to-day Marketing and Sales responsibilities. Over the next few years, this individual would progress into a Director role with more strategically focused responsibilities and higher compensation.

    This position offers paid holidays and a very generous PTO package. After one year of employment this position will be additionally compensated with quarterly discretionary bonuses based upon performance and company profits. This position currently offers no healthcare or 401k benefits, but the company is currently working on a 401k package and plans to initiate health care benefits in the near future as well.

    FOR LESS QUALIFIED CANDIDATES - If you’re someone without experience but think you have the skills to really excel at this role after some training, we can discuss a training and trial period and see how it goes.


    We believe science is fascinating and should be a joy to learn. We believe that hobby games are not just fun, but a healthy activity to promote social skills and learn about the world we live in.

    With that in mind our focus is on: Accurate science products that engage, educate and inspire.

    We specialize in publishing board games, card games, jigsaw puzzles, children’s books and many other types of interactive games and activities, but with a twist - everything published by Genius Games is accurately themed around science! The company has been featured in a number of major media outlets such as Popular Science Magazine, Scientific American, Gizmodo and many more. We’ve been growing at a tremendous rate every year since we’ve been in business, and the hobby board game industry as a whole is booming.


    As a member of the Genius Games team, you are expected to embody the core values of the company. These core value are what we as a team hire and fire by:

    • Self-directed High Achievement: Taking responsibility for yourself and taking the initiative to do what needs to be done without having to be instructed step-by-step.
    • Always Improving: Seeking to become a more knowledgeable, skillful, insightful and healthy individual, both on and off the job, is key to your success as part of a team.
    • Own The Outcome: Seeing your work through to the end, delivering results that are a reflection of who you are and what you believe is your level of competency. When things go wrong, you accept responsibility and work to make them excellent.
    • Feedback Driven: Quality comes from zealously seeking feedback and criticism from multiple perspectives, listening in order to understand how you can improve, and then judiciously applying those insights to produce amazing results.
    • Candid and Compassionate: Always being forthright, empathetic, and sincere because people are the most important resource we have. Treat each other with kindness and respect, especially during conflict.

    To apply, click this link to fill out our application and take a brief assessment from our partner Spring - The Business Growth Lab.

    Next Steps, once we receive your application, if we feel like you’re a good fit for our team, we’ll send you another brief assessment and schedule a time to meet you via Zoom.