Cellulose - Kickstarter Pledges Through Retailers via VFI

Cellulose Backers in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Beyond

For this campaign we are trying something a little different to help improve the process of ordering and getting games to you. This time we will be shipping all orders in Asia+ to local retailers, who will also take your pre-orders.

Gamers in Asia or Beyond: Please let your local game store know to place an order for you!

Asian Retailers: Please contact VFI Asia via email at Sales@VFI.Asia to Pre-Order units for your local clientele. The same pledges that are available on the KS are available to you through VFI. 

Asian Retailers who are taking Cellulose KS Pledge Preorders:

Japan Saikorodo, Banesto, Suki Games(https://sukigames.thebase.in/)
China  Games Warehouse
Brazil  Conclave Editora
Israel Liam Games
Indonesia Monopolis
S. Korea BoardM (http://boardm.co.kr/goods/goods_view.php?goodsNo=1000013135)
Malaysia Board Game Café, Kohii, Meeples
Philippines Gaming Library
Saudi Arabia, UAE Back to Games
Singapore Team Board Game  sales@teamboardgame.com
South Africa Solar Pop
Thailand Battlefield Bangkok (krit@battlefieldbangkok.com), La La Lan, Dice Cup (http://www.dicecupboardgame.com/)

Mini Shoppa (https://www.facebook.com/MiniShoppa/), Board game Hut(https://bghut.com), Jool Club,  Boardgamesamurai

Check this update for retailers who are already collecting Pre-Orders (Coming Soon!)