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Genius Games - Why We Exist

We believe that science is awe-inspiring, mesmerizing and beautiful. We also believe that science can make our world a better place. Through the tools provided by science we can address the types of resource scarcity that lead to violent conflicts, alleviate diseases at the root of much human suffering, and innovate to simply make our stay on earth a more pleasant experience.  

This is our mission and why we exist...

Oh, and we also make board games themed around science... Want to play them?

For Retailers, please email us at sales@geniusgames.org or visist our Retailer Page Here.

John Coveyou – Founder and CEO

John began creating board games as a kid, but waited until 2013 to quit his engineering job and start Genius Games. Between those life events, John spent time in the US Army, earned a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Washington University, and taught chemistry and physics to students many ages.

John's favorite things to do are to talk around a campfire, laugh at dad jokes with his wife and three kids, and hear stories about real people who did really amazing things. He also loves eating breakfast no matter what time of day it is.

Steve Schlepphorst - Lead Project Manager

After growing up on CCGs and Chess, Steve took the plunge into hobby board games in 2015. As his interest in gaming grew, he began working on his own solo mode designs and eventually started hanging around Genius Games.

Steve has degrees in Nuclear Engineering and Theology, and worked as a math and science teacher before transitioning to Genius full time. He lives in Saint Louis with his lovely wife and 3 daughters.  

Lately his favorite games have been Guards of Atlantis 2, the Arkham Horror Card Game, and the zany world of 18xx.

Tomasz Bogusz - Art Director

Tomasz asked John to edit his bio and John said he wouldn't edit it. Instead he would paste it exactly as it is. Tomas wrote,

"Write that Tomasz joined John on the first project ever and since then Tomasz is growing up together with Genius Games. In his work he values attention to detail and teamwork that makes him surprass his own best ideas. Beside his work with graphics and board games his main hobby are board games and graphics, whitch leads him to living a dream life.
He loves to start his day with 1l mug of lemon & honey tea above the Bible."

Sarah Jane Matt - Project Manager

Sarah Jane (not Sarah) is a native St. Louisan and has been playing board games ever since her brother first said “Hey, do you want to play this cool new game I found called Settlers of Catan?” Many years later, with many more games under her belt, she applied to Genius Games and they were wowed by her expertice, notably her great taste in t-shirts.

Sarah Jane (not Sarah) is studying graphic design in St. Louis and has great interest in becoming an artist and designer for board games and video games. She loves cats, deep sea creatures (look up the bigfin squid, gaze upon it and admire its beauty), quirky animated movies, and those little boxes of nerds candies. Her favorite video game is Stardew Valley, followed closely by Bloodborne.

Kenneth Taruc - Operations Assistant

Before Kenneth joined Genius Games, he worked as a mechanical engineer in the Philippines for 5 years. He loves solving puzzles and math problems since he was a kid. He’s a believer of ‘kaizen’ in all aspects and constantly works in improving his mental, physical and spiritual state.

Kenneth is a natural-born gamer. He’s good with almost every game he played and consistently beats his older siblings and cousins. His favorite games in his younger days are Tekken, Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering and DotA. Nowadays, he spends his free time working out, playing mobile strategy games and petting his dogs.

Preston Lingle - Sales & Marketing Associate

Preston grew up in the suburban hills of Imperial, MO. There he was tragically introduced to Pokemon by his friends, and his parents' dreams of him growing up to be a doctor or a lawyer vanished in an instant.

Preston met John as a student during university, where he soon achieved his Bachelors in Game Design in 2019. Preston worked at Volition as a Games Tester before helping Genius Games in their Sales & Marketing Department.

Outside of work, Preston is also an author, having two novels available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Some of Preston's favorite games include Pokemon Master Trainer (board game), The Last of Us (video game) and Cars for Nintendo Gamecube (revolutionary event).

Alex Cunningham - Operations Assistant

Alex grew up in southeastern Wisconsin and moved to St. Louis to work with Tomasz. He loves to read, listen to music, play games, and play with his dog, an unruly terror named Bowie.

Alex joined Genius Games in July 2021, is an operations whiz, and generally drinks too much coffee every morning. His favorite Genius Games title is Periodic and he’s a huge fan of the "Dr. Livingston’s" puzzle series. Alex’s favorite ABBA album is probably Waterloo, but Arrival is a pretty close second.

Bailey Preib - Project Manager

After leaving her hometown of Huntersville, NC, Bailey exclusively chooses to live in cities that start with an S. She graduated with a BFA in Furniture Design in Savannah, worked in the sunny city of San Jose, and is currently a graduate student in St. Louis.

While Bailey grew up playing serious board games like Chinese Checkers, it wasn’t until college that her friends introduced her to hidden indie gems like Settlers of Catan.

When Bailey isn’t managing or working on graphics, she is the go-to playtest person for the "average gamer” at the office. Bailey enjoys drinking beer, impersonating Julien Baker, and beating her coworkers in Ecosystem, which she highly recommends.

Sarah Lafser - Graphic Designer

Born and raised in St. Louis, Sarah’s been a nerd since ever she was a youngin’. From video games to comic books, it’s no surprise that she’d gravitate towards board games. Her first big girl board game was A Game of Thrones, and then she soon ended up with a mountain of board games thanks to Wil Wheaton’s TableTop series. After Sarah graduated with a BA in Animation from Webster University, she interned for Genius Games and she was so dang cool that they decided to keep her around.  

Sarah’s hobbies include gaming (duh), drawing, making memes, playing tennis, cosplaying, and sleeping.

Justin Forest - Assistant Project Manager

Justin comes from an advertising and video editing background, but has always been thrilled by the collaborative story-telling experience of a good board game. He hopes to one day design and develop games like ours, and contribute his creative and organizational skills to make great game ideas a reality.

He's joining our team remotely as an assistant project manager, helping out on game development tasks. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two cats.