Genius Games - Who We Are

Genius Games is a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) based publishing company that strives to create high quality table-top games
and children's books that are both entertaining and educational. Our hope is to create resources that are a blast to play and read, but simultaneously
demystify intimidating concepts in the sciences and engage the players in a lifelong process of inquiry.

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John Coveyou – Founder and Chief Executive Officer

 John Coveyou

John Coveyou began creating board games as a kid, but waited until 2013 to quit his engineering job and found his own
board game company, Genius Games. Between those life events, John spent time in the US Army, earned a Master’s Degree in Engineering
from Washington University, and taught chemistry and physics to students all the way from middle school through college levels.

John has now designed and published six science-themed games, with several more in the pipeline for 2018. Not only have his games
been praised by science teachers, gamers, and parents and their kids, they have been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal,
Popular Science, Scientific American, and Gizmodo, and endorsed by the National Science Teachers Association.

John loves spending time with his wife and two kids, works full time running Genius Games and teaches Tabletop Game Design,
Entrepreneurship, and Crowdfunding courses at Webster University in St Louis. He also has very specific ideas about the only way
to cook a pancake.