Science-Based Strategy Card Games & Board Games

Our games are designed with gamers in mind, but also based in real science. Each game is designed about a specific scientific concept within biology, chemistry, or physics, or a famous scientist or historical event. 

[slider] [tab title="Science Games"] Our Science Games include table-top games for chemistry, biology and physics. Using a multiplayer platform, these fun games can engage the whole family or the whole classroom! Engage your kids with how nature functions on an unseen level, while also building interest in science and strengthening teamwork skills. These Science Games combine learning and fun for kids of all ages.
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Our Chemistry Games are multi-player adventures into the complex world of chemistry. Shape new molecules and amazing ions while also building teamwork skills. With clues, colors and compounds, we offer are a fun way to get excited about this interesting field. Our great selection of entertaining Chemistry Games can turn a school night into game night with the whole family.

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Our interactive Biology Games show kids the building blocks of biology and how they are made. The playing cards are illustrated with fun designs with kids in mind, encouraging them to learn and remember how proteins are linked together. Build teamwork in the classroom or family room! Our Biology Games reveal an amazing process with an amusing and competitive twist.

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All Genius Games that we offer are tabletop, interactive board games. Each game is designed to build teamwork, improve skills in memory and educate children about science. Our board games encourage communication and cooperation while learning about chemistry, biology and physics. With beautiful design and a competitive strategy, each game makes for great fun for kids. Come and play today!

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Our playing cards are designed with kids in mind, to engage each child in the game and its concept. They are fun for both families and classroom settings! Our colorful illustrations and engaging strategies will keep things interesting. Join us in building a love of science in children’s minds. Learning about science just got fun with our games for kids!

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Teaching kids about science can be fun too. Learning games can demystify a tricky subject using strategy and competition. Our tabletop board games bring kids together to learn about different areas of science. Playing games may help your child to remember concepts long after they learn about them. Show them the amazing world of science with our learning games!

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