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Scientist Jigsaw Puzzle Series: Marie Curie

Genius Games
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The Genius Games Scientist Puzzle Series features the likenesses of exemplary individuals in their fields. In this volume, assemble a portrait of the woman who helped found atomic physics. Marie Curie (1867-1934) was a pioneering Polish-born and naturalized-French physicist and chemist with the tenacity to research radioactivity. She discovered polonium and radium and spent years of tireless work extracting the latter from a radioactive mineral. Her intelligence and labor yielded paradigm-shifting hypotheses about matter and life-changing advances in medicine. She overcame a slew of obstacles‚ÄĒfrom Russian occupation of her homeland to denial of membership in the French Academy of Sciences‚ÄĒto achieve a series of firsts: first woman to win a Nobel Prize, first female professor at the Sorbonne, first person to win two Nobel Prizes, and ultimately the first woman to be interred in Paris‚Äô Panth√©on.
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