Bundle - Chemistry Games | Periodic + Subatomic + Ion + Covalence

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Chemistry Games Bundle Includes: 

Periodic: A Game of The Elements ($39.99)

Subatomic (2nd Edition): An Atom Building Game ($39.99)

Ion: A Compound Building Game ($19.99)

Covalence: A Molecule Building Game ($19.99)

For a limited time we're offering a bundle of all four of our Chemistry Board Games and Card Games for 25% OFF & FREE SHIPPING.


Learn Chemistry through Board Games!?

Periodic - A Game that Turn the Periodic Table of Elements into the Game Board

Subatomic - A Board Game that shows how Subatomic Particles for Atoms

Ion - A Card Drafting Game where players are Building neutral Compounds with Positively and Negatively Charged Ions

Covalence - A game about building Molecules and seeing how some of the most common organic substances are formed


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