Genius Games is Hiring - Operations Manager

Genius Games is looking for an Operations Manager. We want someone who wants to work in a tight-knit group, someone who enjoys working in high energy environments, wants their work to truly matter, wants to have fun along the way and has a sense of humor. This position is suited for someone who loves solving challenging puzzles, is highly self-directed, highly organized, has a very high standard for her/himself but is also not afraid to make mistakes along the way, and thrives when giving and receiving feedback about how they and the company can continually improve. This person is not averse to risk, and most importantly wants to use their skills to personally and directly help drive the growth of a small company.

The Operations Manager role is critical for Genius Games, and the input, contributions and decisions made by this person will be extremely important to the success of our company. If you’re just looking for another job, this position isn’t for you. If you don’t really want to be a critical part of a team and a company, and if you don’t love working your rear off, with those people, to make those people in that team better, and to make the company as a whole better, then this isn’t the position for you.


During your time at Genius Games, you will be responsible for:

* This position will require the individual to work out of our office in St. Louis, MO.





This is a full time position located in St. Louis, Missouri. Compensation this position will start at $12 to $18 per hour commensurate on education and experience and preferably move up quickly as you grow with the company and move into a full-time strategic leadership role.

After one year of employment this position will be additionally compensated with quarterly discretionary bonuses based upon performance and company profits. This position currently offers no healthcare or 401K benefits, but as the company grows, benefits are part of our plan moving forward for employees.


We believe science is fascinating and should be a joy to learn. We believe that hobby games are not just fun, but a healthy activity to promote social skills and learn about the world we live in.

With that in mind our focus is on: 

Accurate science products that engage, educate and inspire.

We specialize in publishing board games, card games, children’s books and many other types of interactive games and activities, but with a twist - everything published by Genius Games is accurately themed around science! The company has been featured in a number of major media outlets such as Popular Science Magazine, Scientific American, Gizmodo and many more. We’ve been growing at a tremendous rate every year since we’ve been in business, and the hobby board game industry as a whole is booming.


As a member of the Genius Games team, you are expected to embody the core values of the company. These core value are what we as a team hire and fire by:

To apply please email, with subject line “Operations Manager Position - [your name] and the following: