Genius Games is looking for Children's Science Book Submissions!

We’re currently looking for innovative science-themed tabletop game designs that we hope to publish in the Fall and Winter of 2019.

Submission details below!


    Genius Games is looking for Book Submissions!

    We’re currently looking for science-themed children’s picture book manuscripts! We are mostly interested in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics themed books geared toward kids within the range of K-5th grade.

    Although our main focus is on biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, we are also open to looking at other topics in other subject related to the science such as earth science, astronomy, mathematics, and other core science disciplines.

    Submission details below.

    Book Submission Process:


    Step 1: Email Marlene at with(subject line “Book Submission - [Your Name]"):

    • The subject and intended age range for your book
    • A brief explanation of how your book illuminates a science concept in a way that is exciting to both a child and a parent or teacher
    • A brief summary of the educational significance of your book
    • An attachment of your full manuscript

    Formatting Guidelines for Manuscript

    • Send your manuscript as a PDF
    • Include a cover page that has:
      • your complete contact information (full name, address, phone number, email address)
      • Title and subtitle
      • word count
    • Eliminate all formatting that is not essential to your manuscript. Do not right-justify
    • Use the same font and text size throughout your manuscript
    • Number each page of the manuscript consecutively
    • No artwork is required or expected
    • At the end of your manuscript, please include the following text:
      • I, [full name], certify that this manuscript is all my work or that I have permission to use others’ materials.
      • I, [full name], confirm that this manuscript is not published or in press elsewhere.

    Step 2: The Genius Game team will review your pitch and manuscript.


    Step 3: If we think your manuscript is a good fit for Genius Games, we’ll contact you to continue the conversation!


    Genre and Theme:

    • We are currently looking for nonfiction, informational fiction, or narrative non-fiction. Essentially, we’re focusing on non-fiction, but this does not exclude creating a fictional character(s) or having a narrative! For example, in our My First Science Textbook series, we created Pete the Proton, Ned the Neutron and Ellie the Electron. Obviously, none of these characters actually exist, but the traits of Pete, Ned or Ellie that we highlighted DO actually exist. In other words, any fictional characters or narrative should be a medium for conveying non-fiction concepts.
    • We are particularly interested in science themes that are a part of or highlight some part of the Next Generation Science Standards in the disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics, physical science, earth sciences, life sciences, etc.
    • We are most drawn to science themes that have broad appeal or would be required in a basic science class and are not specific to an aspect of science that is unfamiliar to the general public.  
    • The theme must explain a science concept in a way that stays as true to the science as possible while also making it engaging and easy to grasp for a young kid. The goal is to spark scientific curiosity in kids and encouraging them to ask questions while introducing them at an early age to science basics.  

    Don’t see the answer to your manuscript submission question? Email Marlene at subject line Book Submission Question - [Your Name].