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Play through the basics of Biology with these two cards games - Peptide: A Protein Building Game and Virulence: An Infectious Card Game.

In Peptide, players compete to link amino acids side-by-side, building what’s called a peptide chain. In order to build this protein, players must strategically select and use a number of openly available organelles. 

Players simultaneously place secret blind bids which determines the order in which they select from the available Viral Component cards. The Viral Component cards combine in sets to score points in a variety of ways or help a build the power of a bidding hand to win critical bids later in the game. 

Topics Covered: 

In Peptide, learn about RNA to protein translation, polypeptide chains, proteins, amino acids, vacuole, mitochondria, nucleus, ribosome, mRNA, tRNA, ATP.

In Virulence learn about structure and components of viruses, genome, helical, icosahedral, spherical envelope, virus replication, vaccines, mutations

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